Apple MacBook Air 13"

Added today is the latest review, of a souped up Apple MacBook Air 13" laptop!

The MacBook Air is a pricey, but rock-solid and absolutely capable image slinging workhorse - and looks good doing it. If you need a travel laptop where space and weight are a serious consideration but you're not willing to compromise - the 13" model fills the niche masterfully. It's surprisingly small, light and spry.


Very nice write up. I had MB Airs since the beginning but recently replaced it with an iPad. I'll probably go back to the Air when I get a digital camera worth taking on vacation or business trips.

Thanks a lot, Alex. We're going to be reviewing a bag from Wotancraft that should accommodate a decently sized M setup and a 13" laptop. Thinking travel, vacation and field use especially. I used the iPad for travel and it worked fantastically (mainly backup and image previews, email). But I prefer something that can also run Photoshop and support VPN use.