Apple iWatch and the Leica Connection

"What will inspire Apple's round iWatch design?" asks Pocket-lint. There's some suggestion that it'll be influenced by Leica. It's no secret how Jonathan Ive collaborated with Marc Newson for Leica on the design of the now famous (RED) Leica M that sold for $1.6M USD at auction. Surely the iWatch will be cheaper than the recently launched Valbray - selling for a cool $25k USD. Ive is also very keen on the simplicity of design - in fact, in an interview he says:

"[The Leica] communicates so quickly and immediately that it is a camera. It's almost like a camera, distilled," Ive said, clarifying that he got rid of any design element that he didn't want to be there, because they were a distraction. "Now that alone doesn't mean it will be simple. But it's part of the process to be left alone with something that's so camera-y."