Ann Curry Goes Her Own Way

Through various news sources, we learn that "Ann Curry to Depart NBC News." It would seem that Ann Curry, as you all know - a Leica shooter - announced that she is leaving the network as a full-time employee to begin a new relationship with NBCUniversal that allows her to report on any platform and on any network, including NBC News. She also is developing a media start-up, seeded by NBCUniversal, to provide reporting and content to be distributed over multiple platforms. We applaud her for this bold move and wish her great success, which she'll surely find and deserves. Don't even get us started on the joke that is Matt Lauer and what transpired back in 2012. And Ann, if you're reading this - get back to us about the interview, eh?

"This is about reaching for the edge of the future in journalism, which we know is undergoing an irrevocable transition. I am excited about working to become a valuable link between traditional media and what is to come," said Curry. “In today’s world of fragmented media, this is the time to seize the opportunity to improve the way we distribute and even tell stories. I want to expand my drive to give voice to the voiceless to emerging platforms and produce both scripted and non-scripted content, in addition to continuing to report on-air about stories that matter."