6000 Leica Photos Immortalized

The Kleine Zeitung (Little Newspaper) of Austria writes about "6000 Immortalized Adventure Photos" (in German) and how they were almost thrown away... The story revolves around photos shot by St. Veiter Erwin and Gretl Holzmann - both ardent adventurers and prolific Leica shooters. The photos were rediscovered and saved by Wolfgang Hammerschlag and Konstantin Kiesling (pictured above, respectively).

Translated into English (via Google):

Big response to send to the Small-call, pictures of St. Veit adventurers family Holzmann for a book. Thousands, long-lost images appeared.

The two St. Veit Erwin and Gretl Holzmann, once the operator of the eponymous café-pastry shop in the Duke City, were keen adventurer. With its various Puch models they were traveling all over the world and also helped with the development of this vehicle brand. The Traveller photos were lost for decades. Goods. After a photo call in the Kleine Zeitung, they are needed for a Puch book, thousands of photos and slides reappeared.

"I present these images for Constantine Kiesslings book project be happy to," says the Friesacher photographer Wolfgang hammer. Meanwhile, was the surrender of about 6,000 slides and photographs. The Graz scientists and technicians working on a book about the history of the legendary Puch Puch Haflinger of cars and. Both types of vehicles were used by the café owners. "Erwin Holzmann was an excellent photographer. He has incredible footage shot with a Leica camera," says Hammerschlag. He's got pictures and negatives of Gretl Holzmann. "Almost thrown away"

"Almost thrown away"

"The pictures would have been almost thrown away, I've canceled," says Hammerschlag. Konstantin Kiessling now views the images for his book project on the Austrian brand Puch. In an initial screening are also many photos and topics that have emerged in the 1950s in Sudan, surfaced. The images are not only technically important: The Holzmanns documented regions and cultures, as they no longer exist in part today. Kiessling is just about to sift through the pictures, organize, and label. The recordings will be digitized. Hammer blow: "The Holzmann family has held in St. Veit unforgettable presentations about their travels It would be nice to make these pioneers to honor a contemporary presentation with pictures from back then.." Also Kiessling is thrilled. "The pictures are a crazy and unique. Especially also because the Puch Archives in Vienna was lost in a major fire," says the author. Both now want to provide a digitization and responsible use of images: "to leave it lying around the images only in boxes, that would be a shame."