4K Leica S-System at Photokina?

Our friend Dez gives us a tip that the expected Leica S update at Photokina might also include 4K video capability. We already expected the 40-50MP resolution bump in the move to a CMOS sensor... So adding live view and video capabilities makes a lot of sense, and nice to see that Leica is going for 4K right out of the gate. The real question lies in the lenses...

Talking with a Leica rep at NAB in Las Vegas, I was told that Leica will be announcing a new Leica S camera with a 40-50 megapixel CMOS sensor at this year’s Photokina expo in Germany. The CMOS sensor is expected, as is the resolution bump, but what really surprised me was that there they were also adding video… 4K video. The switch to CMOS means that implementing live view and video is a technical reality, and it’s nice to see Leica jump straight to 4K and not go all half-assed about it. If you’re a fan of that RED camera shallow depth of field look, just imagine how the video from a 30x45mm sensor will look! Of course, it will be a stills camera doing video, so it will just be an added feature and not that competitive with a true cinema camera, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

It will also be interesting to see how those Summarit-s lenses perform with video, though since the focus isn’t geared for a follow-focus and likewise there’s no aperture control on the the lenses, they’re not that well suited to it. I also wouldn’t expect a $5,000 lens (Summarit-M) to perform on the same level as a $15,000 lens (Summicron-C) or $25,000 lens (Summilux-C).

When I inquired about cine lens availability, I was told that the Summicron-C where in stock and readily available but the Summilux-C, lenses were only available as a set of 8 (for $200,000) and that there was a two year wait for delivery.

Update (9/12/14):

We have confirmed that a successor to the S will be announced at Photokina 2014!

Better yet, there will be TWO new versions. First is an "entry level" (slightly different than current) body at $20,000 USD and the second (totally new) 4K version with CMOS, GPS and WiFi - for crazy money.

Update (9/15/14):

We have confirmed several things! There will be two S cameras. An updated, "entry level" version called the S-E (Type 006) and a new version S (Type 007). It will be "high speed and shoot video."