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Long Live Film!

Congratulations, new adopters of film photography — you’re now officially a subculture! The defining point, of course, is having an independent documentary film about your movement, and that’s just what mail-order processor Indie Film Lab is doing with “Long Live Film.”

Teaming up with Kodak (however that might work now), folks from the Alabama-based company hit the road early this year, asking photographers across the United States why they still go to the considerable trouble of capturing their vision on emulsion rather than pixels. Indie Lab hopes to have the feature finished in a few months. For now, enjoy the promising trailer, which elegantly makes the case for film as an artistic choice rather than a Luddite response to the modern world. “I like how it makes me shoot and why it makes me shoot as much as I like the look,” responds one photographer.

"Long Live Film" - Trailer


New Mr. M Collection for Leica

From Japan comes Jay Tsujimora and his new Mr. M Collection of accessories... Nay, jewelry for Leica (or other) cameras. Currently he offers a hot shoe cover and soft release which are both crafted from sterling silver and inlaid in your choice of one of 15 colors of either natural leather, lizard, or diamond python skin. They're absolutely gorgeous. Read more below for the full details!


Leica Store to Open in Florence

Tomorrow, September 12, 2013 at 10:30am (local time), the doors to the new Leica Store Florence will open! The neighborhood is great; right on Golden Lane, just a few steps from Ponte Vecchio. The Leica Store Florence will not just be a commercial space, but also a place where photo enthusiasts will find photographic exhibitions, meetings with some of the most significant contemporary photographers, photography workshops and lectures. Read more below for the full details.


Scott Morvay on Meters & Grey Cards

Another useful and interesting how-to video by fashion photographer Scott Morvay. This time he talks about using light meters and grey cards with the Leica M.

This video gives you an introduction in using a Light Meter and Grey Card in Leica M9 and Leica M240 and Leica S Digital Photography for better exposure and color, mainly in portraiture.

Using a Light Meter and Grey Card in Leica M9 M240 Digital Photography Portraiture