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Choosing Focal Lengths

Added today is the Choosing Focal Lengths article.

The article discusses what the "typical" focal lengths for a rangefinder are and what's involved with both going wider and longer.

Storing Your Film

Okay, so this is really too short for an article, but it does come up often enough. Many people wonder if they should freeze their film, or store it in the fridge, etc.

If you plan to store your film long-term, it would be worthwhile to freeze it. For more short-term storage, keeping it in the refrigerator is probably better. Either will extend the life of your film well past the expiration date - we're talking years here if frozen. Slower speed films keep longer than higher speed films due to cosmic radiation (really!). Similarly, black and white film keeps better than color film due to a single silver layer as opposed to three layers of dye; color film can shift color as it ages... Not so with black and white.

The one thing you need to pay attention to is keeping your film sealed during any temperature changes. The original canister is best, but some films only have a plastic wrapper. If you have opened film, use a ZipLoc bag. When you take film (or anything) out of a cold space and let it warm up - you'll notice that condensation forms. You generally want to avoid this with your film. The reverse is also true, but to a lesser degree - taking film out of your bag and putting it in a cold space. You'll want to seal it because at some point you're going to have to take it out again for developing.


Polarizers and the M System

Added today is the Polarizers and the M System article.

The article discusses several solutions to allow you to use a polarizing filter with an M camera - something that's not necessarily as easy as you might think.

Finally, a Faster CF/SD Card Reader!

As we all know... We've reached the speed limits of USB-based card readers some time ago. FireWire was a good option if you happened to shoot CF cards, but that doesn't help us M shooters much. So if you're graced with a USB 3.0 port...

So What's Inside?

Ever wonder what, exactly - is inside your camera? Some of us take them apart. Others, myself included... Would rather leave this to those that do!

Here's an interesting bunch of links I came across today:

A Peek Inside the Leica M6 Rangefinder
Cross Section Views of Leica Lenses
Anatomy of the M8


UV/IR Filters

Added today is the UV/IR Filters article.

The article discusses the problem necessitating the use of the filters, the various manufacturers that make them, and their use on various cameras.