Zeiss Pays Tribute to Discontinued Ikon

Zeiss has paid homage to a camera we held near and dear ourselves in Zeiss Ikon – A Tribute. True, we're a "Leica site" but we cover all-things M (as in mount) as well, and have reviewed many Zeiss ZM Lenses here over the years. In fact, our reviews of the Biogon 2,8/25, Biogon 2/35, C-Sonnar 1,5/50 and Planar 2/50 ZM lenses are featured on the Zeiss Ikon lens pages! You may recall, sadly, when we posted the news that Zeiss Discontinues the Ikon. In any event, it's worth checking out this tribute, and if you have an Ikon - hold onto it! Read more below for additional images.


Carl Zeiss - Help Wanted

Are you a physicist or do you have a background in optics/optoelectronics? As a researcher and developer at Carl Zeiss, you will continuously push to redefine the boundaries of what is physically conceivable. Vijay Paruchuru explains why it's worthwhile to come to Oberkochen from New York:


Zeiss Showcases New Distagon T* 1,4/55

Dr. Hubert Nasse, Staff Scientist at Carl Zeiss talks about the Distagon T* 1,4/55 the development of which he has shaped significantly. He shows examples of image results of this new lens that has been designed without compromise for imaging performance and will come out at the end of the year (in ZE/ZF mounts at least):

Zeiss Discontinues the Ikon

In some truly sad news, it would appear that Zeiss has decided to cancel the Zeiss Ikon line of rangefinder cameras entirely. We always knew the silver model was a limited edition... But then they canceled the SW. Now it's gone entirely with the black version. It's always been said that Zeiss created the Ikon to sell the ZM lenses. But with the ever increasing popularity among small format cameras... That's no longer necessary. More below and Petapixel, Phoblographer and Zeiss Rumors have more also.


New Zeiss ZM at Photokina?

So did anyone happen to notice in the posting to the Zeiss Blog this morning concerning Photokina 2012 that there will be a new ZM lens available next year? They promise us a "fast lens." So look for an announcement and perhaps a new ZM on display in Cologne! Read more below for the details and update!


La Vida Leica and Zeiss

If you haven't noticed, our reviews of several ZM lenses have been recognized and are now listed on the Zeiss website! We're quite chuffed - thanks, Zeiss! Read more below for the complete list of pages featuring our reviews...

Stress Test for Carl Zeiss Lenses

Camera and cine lenses need to operate perfectly in extreme conditions, withstanding everything from scorching heat and bitter cold to sandstorms and severe vibrations. The video shows how Carl Zeiss researchers systematically submit lenses to extreme stresses in order to arrive at findings that can help in future lens design and development.