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Leica Store Burlington Opening Reception

The Leica Store Burlington held its opening reception on February 26, 2014. Get a glimpse of the store and event. This video was filmed on the Leica M (Type 240):

Jessica Lange Presents Exhibition in Moscow

A Leica M6 that started off as a gift seemed to inspire Jessica Lange, who started photographing her children (in black and white) and is now presenting her exhibition in Moscow:

ProfiFoto Interviews Stefan Daniel

ProfiFoto interviews Stefan Daniel of Leica... Read more below for German version.

HG Esch - Making of Shanghai 360º

The photographer Hans Georg Esch who was behind the Shanghai 360º exhibit, gives us this making of video. If you don't recall, it was shot using the S-System and comprised 60 shots; 20 side-by-side and three high. It was first presented at Art Masters in St. Moritz / Switzerland and later New York City during Shanghai week (September 16–21, 2013), situated directly in front of Rockefeller Center.

Joel Meyerowitz - My Life with Leica

Leica Akademie Italy has met Joel Meyerowitz soon after the opening of his latest exhibition in Milan, and interviewed him about his life long "love" for Leica cameras, from the first Leica M2 in the sixties to the Leica M9, M and S today. In this first take Meyerowitz talks about a camera that has positively surprised him a lot: the new Leica X Vario... Read more below for update!


Leica X2 - Special Edition "Fedrigoni"

Fedrigoni Deutschland gave the Leica X2 a "Paper Skin" treatment (using their finest Italian paper) to produce the Special Edition "Fedrigoni" - only 25 pieces have been produced. More photos in this Facebook post. Read more below for additional details and video!

Leica X Vario B&W Movie for Elle

Photographer Rodrigue Zahr used the Leica X Vario to shoot this movie for Elle Magazine's February Arab World edition as well as some stills for the magazine shoot itself (one of which you can see below).