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Leica M Monochrom Processing HOWTOs

Jan Gütter has made several videos regarding the Leica M Monochrom; processing, Lightroom workflow and more. Read more below for others!

Nine Composition Tips feat. Steve McCurry

The Cooperative of Photography (COOPH) explains nine photo composition tips with the help of Steve McCurry's photographs:

Does "Medium Format Video" Make Sense?

Resource Magazine asks "With the Pentax 645Z and the upcoming Leica S Type 007, it appears that whether there is a demand for it or not, medium format video is going to be an option. The thing is, does it even make sense?"

Magazine <B> 34th Issue: Leica

B proudly covers the German camera brand, Leica. From its origins as a microscope maker, Leica made photography a part of everyday life by introducing the first 35mm camera in 1914. Based on this century-old heritage of quality cameras and lenses, the Leica brand highlights the true essence of what a camera is, setting the company apart from powerful Japanese DSLR brands.


Leica M Video - A Forlorn Feature?

One of the big ticket items as far as features went, when Leica introduced the Leica M (Type 240) camera back in 2012 - was the all-new CMOS sensor, which among other things - allowed for shooting video with the new camera. Why not? Most cameras these days allow for shooting video, even if it's a pitiful afterthought or a freebie. Read more below!

Jay Maisel - Be a Better Photographer

Legendary photographer Jay Maisel offers advice on how to take better photographs, including tips on how to be a more successful street photographer. Maisel recently published Light, Gesture & Color (New Riders press), a book "for people that are tired of bullshit books that tell them exactly what to do, and so they get rote results." Read more below for details and videos!

Mark Wallace: From DSLR to Rangefinder

In this episode of Exploring Photography, Mark Wallace explains why he's made the switch from a Canon DSLR system to the Leica M Rangefinder system. Here he explains why the Leica is the right tool for his travel photography needs. Learn how the smaller camera helps with size, weight, security, and more earning potential.