Leica stores (standalone) and boutiques (within a camera store).

Marcia Cross at Leica Store L.A.

A bit of an older video, but just recently put up... Anyone that's watched shows like CSI, Seinfeld, Melrose Place... And scores of others, including movies - all know the actress Marcia Cross. She was at the grand opening of Celebrity Sightings in Los Angeles in front of the Leica Store on June 20, 2013.

Leica Store KaDeWe to Open

Meister Camera which has locations in Berlin and Hamburg currently - is set to open a store in a location that perhaps needs no introduction - the huge "KaDeWe" (Kaufhaus Des Westens) in Berlin. With over 60,000 square meters of selling space and more than 380,000 articles available, it is the largest department store in Continental Europe. It was even made "more famous" on David Bowie's latest album (The Next Day) in the song "Where Are We Now?" (see below). The store will be located on the 5th floor in the "Digital Lifestyle" area. We've dealt a lot with Herr Ulrich Meyer from Meister Camera Hamburg and cannot recommend them enough!


Leica Gifts MM - Controversy Ensues

RocketNews24 (Japan) has an interesting article called "Tsunami survivor’s Y1.2 mil camera: heart-felt gift or PR stunt?" -- about an 18-year-old high school student from Miyagi Prefecture’s Shiroishi city. She began high school just weeks after the 2011 tsunami -- which tore through her town, destroying much of it and killing many of her classmates. Read more below about the controversy that followed - along with more on that fancy red APO-Summicron-M 50mm f/2 ASPH lens.

Phototechnique City Boutique in Moscow Opens

Leica Russia blog reports (in English) that they've opened their latest boutique, located in "Moscow City" right on the Presnenskaya waterfront, in the lobby, which connects the high-rise towers "Capital City." It's called Boutique Phototechnique City. They offer an almost complete range of Leica products - cameras and lenses for M and S, compact cameras, binoculars, spotting scopes and rangefinders, as well as necessary accessories. The exact address is Presnenskaya embankment, 8, building 1. Moscow International Business Center "Moscow City." Contact them by phone at: +7 (499) 286-00-02. Read more below for photos!


Leica Store Burlington Opening Reception

The Leica Store Burlington held its opening reception on February 26, 2014. Get a glimpse of the store and event. This video was filmed on the Leica M (Type 240):

Calumet Photo Vanishes in the U.S.

Calumet, who's been in the photo industry for 75 years - today announced that they’re shutting down in the U.S. The company announced the closing on their Facebook page (and seen above) but their website and Twitter page are gone. Their YouTube page is still up however. Naturally, there's a fair amount of backlash in the comments on Facebook... As the employees were blindsided. They've filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, listing less than $50K in assets and between $1M and $10M USD in liabilities in court documents.


Leica MP and X2 Olive Limited Editions

DC Watch reports that a new Leica MP Olive and X2 Olive limited editions were announced in Japan to commemorate the opening of the Leica Store Kyoto, which will take place on March 15, 2014. It will be the 7th domestic store and located in the Machiya building on the main street of the beautiful Gion "Hanami alley" district of Kyoto. The cameras can be purchased there on that date and select other stores and boutiques as of April 1, 2014. Read more below for additional details and images!