Adobe Adds Support for Leica M

Adobe has announced RC ("Release Candidate") versions of Lightroom 4.4 and Adobe Camera Raw 7.4. As usual, the latest version adds support for recent cameras which this time includes the new (and as yet unreleased) Leica M (Type 240). The Lightroom update also corrects a series of bugs present in the current version of the software. As usual, release candidates are considered well-tested but not final. Read more below for the download links and changes:

iPhone App Offers Leica Experience

The iPhone app ViewFinder Classic (available on iTunes for $0.99) recreates the experience of a Leica rangefinder camera on the iPhone. The application features a full-screen viewfinder with a set of frame lines for the classic 35mm and 50mm focal lengths. It offers a minimalist interface, with a shutter and an exposure setting button. Read more below for the main features...

Handle a Virtual M9 with RealSize

With RealSize you will be able to create in a very easy way a virtual replica of the object you are interested in by defining a 3D box using the known width, depth and height of the object, and fitting pictures of the real object over the appropriate section of the box. The dimensions and pictures you need are usually easy to find on the internet. The procedure to create the object is fast, easy and pleasant, and the resulting replica is very precise, and surprisingly effective. For example, this Leica M9!

Adobe Adds Support for MM and 50AA

Adobe has launched final versions of Photoshop Lightroom v4.1 and Adobe Camera Raw v7.1 that include support for the Leica M Monochrom and APO-Summicron-M 50mm f/2 ASPH lenses, as well as the X2. Both versions include the advanced defringing tools introduced in the Release Candidate versions they replace as well as promising to address 'performance issues.' They can be downloaded from the Adobe website now. Adobe Camera Raw 7.1 works with Photoshop CS6. Read more below for links to the updates:

Free Capture One Express

Digital Photographer magazine is giving out licenses for the Capture One Express 6 RAW conversion software by Phase One. Normally this is a $129 piece of software!