Apple iOS Never to Support Leica DNG?

In an interesting piece about "Why Photosmith dumped iOS's built-in raw-photo support" we learn that the developers of the Lightroom companion app for iPad opted to build in their own raw-photo support to get better control, avoid Apple bugs, and support more cameras... Such as Leica, among others. Apparently, Apple's API and camera support are lacking; difficult to work with and buggy as well. If you're shooting a Leica, check out Photosmith!

Then you get to practical stuff like the fact that they don't support Leica DNG images and probably never will...

Pixelmator Finally Comes of Age in v3.1

More than half of our visitors are Mac users; so many are probably familiar with Pixelmator. From the start, it's been a real breath of fresh air and compared well against Adobe Photoshop on many levels, but fell short in several key areas. Namely, 16-bit (per channel) file support. Finally, with today's release of Pixelmator v3.1 ("Marble") this support is available! Macworld gives us a rundown of this new version in their "New Pixelmator update targets the Mac Pro" report. Pixelmator is available for a very reasonable $29.99 USD.


Adobe Releases ACR 8.3 and LR 5.3

Today Adobe has released the final versions of Camera Raw and DNG Converter 8.3, along with Lightroom 5.3. Different versions for ACR 8.3 are available for Photoshop CC and Photoshop CS6 - either from their Website (download links below) or through the Adobe Updater. DNG Converter is available for free for users of older versions of Photoshop. The latest versions brings support for 20 cameras, including the Nikon Df and Nokia Lumia 1020 that weren't in the RC versions. The latest version is the first to offer color profiles for Olympus cameras. Nothing for Leica shooters this time around. Read more below for additional details and download links.

Leica Image Shuttle App v2.2 Released

Quick news item - Leica has released an update to their Image Shuttle app supporting the Leica M (Type 240) at v2.2. It is available for download in the Leica Owners' Area of the site.

Leica Camera AG Gobbles Up Sinar

Once again, we were the first to break the news!

On Monday (November 25, 2013) Leica Camera AG has finalized the takeover (in German) of the Swiss professional camera manufacturer Sinar Photography AG, Zurich, the Swiss manufacturer of view cameras. Both companies have agreed that the details of the transaction will not be disclosed. Sinar Photography AG is the leading manufacturer of equipment for professional view camera photography and the only provider in this segment to offer complete digital solutions for view camera photographers. The Sinar product portfolio offers everything from cameras and lenses to digital backs, shutter systems and workflow software. Marketing, product management, support, development and production will remain in the hands of Sinar in Switzerland. Sales and distribution of the product portfolio will be handled by Leica Camera AG and the worldwide dealer network of Sinar Photography AG. Read more below for additional details.

Leica Store Inventory Network on Tablets?

In a video found on Youtube called "EnergyNet for Leica" (also seen below) we see a concept video of a tablet-based P.O.S. (Point Of Sale) terminal, product information and inventory application that would be network with other Leica Stores to manage inventory and be able to coordinate the data. Imagine that Leica M that you've been waiting for - it could be looked up on a realtime map displayed on the screen in-store and perhaps at home, telling you which Leica Stores have one in stock. You could also call up product information in the store, to access technical specifications, manuals, etc. The application is being proposed by a company based in Frankfurt, Germany called Energy Net GmbH the intelligence company. Read more below for video.

Leica Seeking Out Younger Customers

China News/ECN is reporting that "Leica Seeks Out Younger Customers" - you may recall that Leica just opened its fifth Chinese store in Beijing on September 9th, unveiling its new compact digital camera Leica C Type 112 with built-in WiFi, and even a new app for iOS/Android called Image Shuttle. It is suggested that this camera is the new gateway to Leica - "We want to attract young people to use Leica by launching the economic Leica C. After they use it, they will go to other Leica products," said Sunil Kaul (Managing Director of Leica Camera Asia Pacific).