Arte di Mano Review

Today we added our full, in-depth review of the Arte di Mano half cases and Laccio straps!

In perhaps one of our biggest reviews yet, we take an exacting look at the new champion of high quality leather accessories for your Leica M body.

Artisan Obscura Soft Releases

Added today is our newest review of the Artisan Obscura Soft Releases!

New and unique to the market, a bewildering array of woods, patterns, sizes and shapes will ensure the wood lovers out there a classy accessory for their Leica.

Exclusive Interview with Nikki Sixx

Today we have an exclusive for you! In conjunction with Walter Pretorius (of Walter Leica fame and who's behind the awesome Walter Eyepiece - see our promotion), we interviewed Nikki Sixx - a really great, down to Earth guy. Among his credits - he's an American musician, songwriter, author, fashion designer, and radio host, but perhaps best known as the co-founder and bassist of the band Mötley Crüe. Turns out, he's also an avid photographer and Leica shooter. So without further ado, our interview...

Expanding to Compacts

Just a brief note to let our readers know that we're starting to branch out into Leica "compact" cameras a little now as well. Currently this includes the X Vario, X2, D-LUX and V-LUX cameras and special editions. You may have already seen some coverage here, such as when we broke news on the Mini-M - which later became known as the X Vario. We're still primarily an M/rangefinder site, but will be more open to Leica's other cameras going forward (like the new Leica C). To celebrate, and at a member's request - we've created a new Leica Compact forum!

La Vida Leica Spans the Globe

It's been an interesting (and busy) month for us here at La Vida Leica! A recent story went absolutely viral across the Internet and was covered by 35+ websites from all corners of the world! We discussed a lens issue with Leica, making them aware of - and reporting on the problem (and subsequent resolution). We've been keeping the pot boiling with many, more frequent news articles, product reviews and unique stories from overseas... Even bringing the world exclusive product announcements and promotions. Finally, and not to be outdone, we just introduced our new Dutch language and Leica Compact forums! We have gone from the watchers to the watched and the pressure will keep up... We've got some great stuff in store for you.

Walter Leica Eyepiece Promotion!

In conjunction with Walter Leica we are proud to offer an exclusive, limited-time promotion! For the month of September, you can purchase the Walter Leica Eyepiece for only $350 USD (a savings of $35 over the regular price). If you're unfamiliar, we have a full review (be sure to check out the update). The rules are simple; you must be a La Vida Leica member and provide your username and a code when placing your order. Payment at this time is accepted via PayPal - details are available here (accessible by members only - register here).

Wotancraft Scout (City Explorer 006)

Added today is the Wotancraft Scout (City Explorer 006) review!

A smaller bag than the Ranger but just as big on quality materials and workmanship. You can grab your gear and go in even the nastiest of conditions.