Happy (Fourth) Birthday La Vida Leica!

Coming up in just two short weeks, and a bit hard to believe... Will be La Vida Leica's fourth birthday. What started off as a personal site to publish musings on Leica-related topics has grown incredibly well to the all-encompassing site that it is today - the premier destination on the Internet for all things Leica. More numbers... We have over half a dozen sponsors. Our unique content includes 31 articles and 55 reviews. Our gallery contains 533 images, including the largest celebrity and vintage Leica ad collections anywhere. And there are many, many more of each on the way as we start our fifth year. Read more below!


Harry Benz La Cravate Review

Added today is the Harry Benz La Cravate review!

These water buffalo leather camera wrist straps will change the way you feel about using one. Simple, elegant and functional!

Wotancraft Raven Review

Added today is the Wotancraft Atelier Raven (Urban Classic) review!

The Raven is the smallest of the Urban Classic line and perfect for those wanted to travel light! Able to hold a camera and two lenses, this lovely bag is made of fine leather that will look great anywhere.

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John Tuckey "101" Workshop Review

Added today is an in-depth review of the John Tuckey "101" workshop!

Learn how to create your own classic Hollywood silver screen era portraiture - covering lighting, sets, poses and shooting!

Wotancraft Commander Review

Added today is the Wotancraft Atellier Commander (City Explorer) Review!

The Commander is the largest bag in the City Explorer line - larger than the Scout, Avenger and even the Ranger bags. While it's primarily targeted at DSLR shooters, thanks to its highly configurable nature - it can work for rangefinder, mirrorless and multi-platform shooters.

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FlashQ Wireless Flash Trigger System Review

Added today is the FlashQ Wireless Flash Trigger System review!

These diminutive, wireless radio flash triggers are perfect for rangefinder, mirrorless and other small cameras and flashes.

Color Profiling Your Camera Article

Added today is the Color Profiling Your Camera article!

An in-depth article explaining the how and why of color profiling your camera (and by extension, photos) - one step in ensuring that consistent and accurate colors are seen by not only you, but everyone else as well.