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Lumu App Update and $30 Savings

You may recall, back in September - when we reviewed the Lumu light meter. Today, Lumu has updated the iPhone app (now v2.0) in a big way with a new reflected light meter mode, using only the iPhone camera. There are also optimizations for iPhone 6/6+, note syncing to iCloud, a more accessible multiple measurements view, a prettier side menu and overall improvements and bug fixes. Check out Lumu in the App Store. Plus - for a limited time, you can save 30% on your order by using the "LUMUROCKS" code on checkout, with free shipping and returns!

Wotancraft Atelier 2014 Updates Review

Added today is the Wotancraft Atelier 2014 Updates review!

You may have seen our reviews of Wotancraft Atelier's Scout (006), Avenger (005) and Ranger (002) City Explorer bags. In the latter half of this year, they've done what didn't seem possible - made already great bags even better. Check out what's new!

DxOMark Tests the Leica T (Type 701)

DxOMark published their test results for the Leica T (Type 701) camera:

With an overall DxOMark Sensor Score of 75, the Leica T ranks 71st on the DxOMark database for all camera sensors and 32nd for all cameras featuring an APS-C-sized sensor. Closer analysis of the three sub-scores indicates that Dynamic Range and ISO are slightly stronger aspects of sensor performance. A Dynamic Range score of 12.7 EVs and Low Light ISO score of 1082 come in at 63rd and 57th place, respectively, whereas a slightly weaker result of 23 bits for Color Depth impacts the Leica T’s overall performance.

Harry Benz Camera Straps Review

Added today is our latest review - Harry Benz Camera Straps!

These super high-quality, fully custom camera straps are unique in the industry and well worth checking out!

Lumu Light Meter Review

Added today is a review of the Lumu Light Meter!

A tiny, well-designed piece of hardware and accessories for your smartphone, along with three software apps that turn it into an accurate, full function incident light reading meter!

Hands-on with the Leica T (Type 701) Review

Added today is the Hands-on with the Leica T (Type 701) review!

A full hands-on review of the Leica T (Type 701) camera, Summicron-T 23mm f/2 ASPH and Vario-Elmar-T 18-56mm f/3.5-5.6 ASPH lenses. Introduction, usage, issues, performance, sample images and more!

Scott Williams Reviews the M9

As we've said before, we love these sorts of stories. Scott Williams, a Toronto-based Nikon DSLR shooter - finally realized his own dream of owning a Leica M9 and Summarit-M 35mm f/2.5 lens. So enamored was he, that he wrote a Leica M9 Review. He concludes with, "I really do think that my days as a DSLR shooter are very numbered."

There's just something about Leica's and rangefinders... I can't even explain it, I just love them. Maybe it's the history? Some of the worlds best photographers have used Leica's... Cartier-Bresson, Erwitt, Capa just to name a few. Maybe it's just the lack of automation and options when using a Leica. Either way, it's just fun to shoot with.