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Leica D-LUX (Type 109) Coming

Site digicame-info.com is reporting that a Leica D-LUX (Type 109) camera has been registered with the Indonesian Communication Agency. Based on the Panasonic LX100 - and both will be released at Photokina 2014 later this month; the Leica as the D-LUX (Type 109) (confirmed!). Read more below for details and updates!

60 Years of Leica M Event at Photokina

Leica will be holding a special "60 Years of Leica M" event at Photokina 2014 on September 16, 2014 at 7:30pm - the first day of the show. Read more about what you might expect including the official Leica schedule of events here. Catch up on the entire M system since 1954! There is a high confidence for Leica to Announce New Film Leica M-A at this event! Read more below for more info!

The Gardens Mall Leica Boutique Opens

Leica has opened their latest boutique; this time in The Gardens Mall, Kuala Lumpur. The new outlet is owned and operated by Keat Camera, who also run the Starhill Gallery outlet. Keat Camera has its photography and camera roots dating back to 1980 when ardent photography fan Tan Chor Kiak aka Ah Keat started repairing Leica cameras as a mainstay. Tan’s son, Raymond has taken over the helm and continues to impart knowledge and share the unique Leica experience with fans and enthusiasts alike. Tan has the expert assistance of Woo Kien Ping, also better known as Leicawoo in the local photography scene. With imaging experience of over 40 years, the veteran is regarded as an expert in Leica cameras and sports optics.


Leica Partners with Jamie Cullum

The Leica Camera exhibition at Photokina 2014 focuses on impressive photo art around the theme of music. It takes into account all facets of the music photography of concert recordings about very personal artist portraits to reportage with exciting behind-the-scenes concert. In addition also get photo projects of musicians, has become for the photograph to a second passion, such as the famous singer, songwriter and musician Jamie Cullum - whom Leica has just announced a partnership with. Read more below for the press release.

Leica Hires New Head of Marketing

Oliver Kaltner (45) has been elected to the Leica Camera AG Board of Directors, as head of Marketing, Sales and Retail. Most recently he was General Manager at Microsoft Germany GmbH, and also worked for Sky AG, Sony Germany GmbH, Electronic Arts Inc. and Nike GmbH. Read more below for the press release.


High Megapixel M Camera at Photokina?

Details are still sketchy right now, but we'll go ahead and break the news anyway - and of course, keep you updated on any developments between now and Photokina... As you know, Leica will be introducing a CMOS-based Leica S camera. We've been saying that for a while. But what no one else knows is that Leica is set to introduce a high megapixel M camera that's largely new from the existing Leica M (Type 240). What we're not sure of yet is the exact megapixel count; we'd guess 36MP. And yes, despite some silly rumors - it will have an LCD. We also have some other minor details, but we'll keep those close to the vest for now... See what other Leica gear is on tap for Photokina 2014 and stay tuned! Read more below.