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Leica's "Most Boring Ad" Goes Viral

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've surely heard that Leica announced the new T camera recently. One video in particular that snuck into the media frenzy surrounding its release was one entitled, "The Most Boring Ad Ever Made?" It's actually a full 45 minutes long, showing the hand-polishing of raw Leica T camera bodies... Turns out this ad might just have been genius rather than boring because it's gone viral. One look on Google, Twitter, Facebook, or blogs and elsewhere (including down below) - and you will see just how much it has been shared across the Internet! In fact, as of right now, the YouTube video has had over 24k views and the Vimeo version 196k... And counting. Even BBC News Magazine is in on the action.

Is this the most boring ad ever made? Not if you appreciate obsessive craftsmanship. Leica Camera spends 45 minutes polishing the new Leica T by hand. Watch for yourself and decide. Boring or not?

Leica Camera (Finally) Overhauls Website

Today with the launch of the new Leica T camera system, people may have gotten slightly distracted... But if you look a little more closely, you'll also notice that Leica Camera has finally redesigned their website! Images are larger, the layout and overall look more modern and finally, less Adobe Flash. You may recall that we got a sneak peak of it yesterday. Perhaps not surprisingly, it looks quite Applesque - much like the Leica Stores. Looking good!


New Leica T Announced - Details!

It's Zero Day in Berlin and Leica Camera has just announced the new Leica T camera system! Not just a camera, but an entire line-up of camera, lenses and accessories. You may have seen our little sneak preview yesterday or the specifications we've been telling you about since March 6th (which we nailed, BTW). Well, it's finally here! Read more below for all the details!

Leica T Website is Made Live by Accident

The Leica T website was made temporarily live, clearly by mistake. It has since been taken down. We've archived quite a bit of it for you, which you can see down below... If you want all the specs - we have those too! Read more below for details and pictures!

Mystery Leica on Auction at WestLicht

The mystery item "Edition 100 Years of Leica" is described as a special anniversary edition by the WestLicht auction house in Vienna, and the sale is part of a larger auction - "100 rare treasures from every epoch of technical development of Leitz history." This item, Lot 100 - is billed as one of the auction highlights. It won't be cheap; the opening bid is €22,000 ($30,391 USD). WestLicht says, "The secret will be disclosed on 22nd May, one day before the auction starts." Should be interesting! Read more below for details!

Leitz Park Goes with Bosse Furnishings

In a report on BusinessPartner PBS called "Furniture for Generations" (in German) we get a bit of a peek inside the new Leitz Park headquarters in Wetzlar, which is set to open in about a month on May 23, 2014. More specifically, the choice of Leica Camera AG to outfit the new digs with Bosse Design furnishings (e.g. desks, chairs, cubicles, etc.). It should come as perhaps no surprise, Bosse Design is a "Made in Germany" solution and are quintessentially German in design; very modern. They're located in Höxter - a 2.5 hour drive north of Wetzlar. Read more below for details and translation.