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Leica R-Adapter M Starts Shipping

The Leica R-Adapter M (14642) is now shipping - at least in Germany, so far. Expect it to arrive in the US within a week or two. It's only five months late... The similar Novoflex LEM/LER adapter (which recently got 6-bit coded) has been available for a while.

Leica M Currently Widely Available

If you've been patiently waiting for a shiny new Leica M - your time may be at hand. It is widely available at the following locations in black and chrome (at B&H), black and chrome (at Leica Store Miami) and black and chrome (at Amazon).


Leica (Store SoHo) Uses LightSpeed

A while back, we mentioned a potential new inventory management system for Leica stores and customers. We never did hear anything more about that; and we suspect it was probably just a concept video. However, Chris Durkin from Leica Store SoHo has put together this video demonstrating LightSpeed for POS and inventory management in use there.

Leica Boutique to Open in Walnut Creek

Camera West located in Walnut Creek, California - teased us in a recent blog post about the upcoming Leica Boutique they're building. More photos are available on their Facebook page and down below. Details at this time are scarce, but a grand opening in March is their target. Stay tuned!


Ernst Leitz Optische Werke Wetzlar (1932)

The Deutsches Filminstitut (DIF) brings us this amazing look at the Ernst Leitz Optische Werke in Wetzlar, circa 1932. Pretty interesting see the workers and machinery of the time, producing the early cameras and lenses!


Leica Store LA Featured in Interior Design

It's not just the Apple Stores that get all the press (as cool as they are). This time, Leica Store LA gets some love by magazine Interior Design in "Shoot To Thrill: Leica Mega-Store by IA Interior Architects." More of an overview of the design elements of the store than any real detail, but it's nice to see just the same. Goes without saying - the "Fake Leica" sculpture is mentioned a few times. Read more below for details and photos.