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Leica M (Type 240) Price Increase

Hot on the heels of lens price increases in June, Leica Camera has announced that effective September 1, 2014 there will be a price increase on the Leica M (Typ 240) camera in both black and silver chrome. Currently, both cameras are priced at $6,950 USD. Starting September 1, 2014 both will be priced at $7,250 USD - a $300 price increase! To purchase a Leica M (Typ 240) at the current price of $6,950 USD, your order must be placed before September 1, 2014. The new Leica M-P camera just announced, in contrast - costs $7,950 USD.


Leica Announces the New Leica M-P

We bring you this breaking news - in an update to the standard Leica M (Type 240), Leica is announcing ahead of Photokina 2014 - the new Leica M-P model! New features include an extended two gigabytes of buffer memory, which is twice as large compared to the Leica M, a sapphire LCD cover (in place of the M's Gorilla Glass) and the return of the frame preview lever! It also features the classic, traditional "Leica" script on the top plate and lacks the red Leica roundel in the front. It will be available in black and silver models which you can pre-order now for $7,950 USD! But if you want a regular M, better hurry - the price is going up $300! See what else might be coming at Photokina! Read more below for details and photos!

Leica UK Announces M Exchange Program

Leica UK is recognizing the 60th anniversary of the Leica M system (a milestone we've been talking about for a while, which seems to have gotten lost in all the centennial celebrations) by offering current Leica M* owners to exchange their camera (for credit) towards the latest M (Type 240). Read more below for details!

New Leica Products at Photokina 2014?

That time is upon us once again - the biennial Photokina 2014 show in Cologne, Germany. We've already posted about the official Leica schedule of events... Now it's time to enter the murky area of new products we might see (as we did in 2012). Below is what we're expecting based on the year's news so far, and we'll of course keep you updated on the very latest developments right here! Read more below for all the details!

Leica Partners with St. Moritz Art Masters 2014

As we've reported in 2012 and 2013, Leica has issued a press release that they are again an official partner of the St. Moritz Art Masters 2014 festival (which runs from August 22-31, 2014). Read more below for the full press release.

Leica Announces Photokina 2014 Details

As we told you earlier in July, Leica Camera AG will present at this year's Photokina in Cologne (September 16 to 21, 2014) in Hall 1 with a varied calendar of events. In addition to the unique concept exhibition at the Leica Gallery are other cultural highlights in the program, such as the world premiere of the new book "The Haight: Love, Rock and Revolution" about the legendary music photographer Jim Marshall (1936-2010). In addition, lectures and book signings are provided with well-known photographers. Read more below for full details!