Firmware updates for the M and S-System as well as compacts.

Major Leica S Camera Firmware Announced

Today, Leica has announced the most extensive firmware update since the release of the S-System, promising numerous tweaks and improving the performance of the camera and all Leica S lenses considerably. It includes an all-new autofocus algorithm that improves AF performance, providing significantly faster focusing and enabling greater precision. The update also includes all S lenses with an optimized AF motor control (including the new Summicron-S 100mm f/2 ASPH also announced today). Added to this is improved object tracking with prediction in Continuous AF mode (Predictive AF). The GPS accuracy is also optimized. The S (Type 006) will get v2.4.0.0 and the S2/S2-P gets v1.4.0.0). Read more below for full details!

Leica Releases Firmware v2.0.1.5 for M

Leica has (almost) released a firmware update for the M (Type 240) of v2.0.1.5 (full links below). We said almost because while the links were visible on the downloads page they were returning a 403 error. We suspect the listings may have been in error, or at least premature. We have word that June 30th would be the official date, and they're now live!. Stay tuned as we'll keep you updated when they (really) become available! Read more below for details and updates!

Leica T Firmware Update v1.1

Leica today has released firmware v1.1 for the Leica T. The improvement(s) are somewhat cryptic. Read more below.

The firmware Version 1.1 fulfils 100% the scope of functions and performance of the camera as described in the manual.

New Leica M Firmware Due Soon

The last firmware update for the Leica M (Type 240) was v2.0.0.12 released in December, 2013 and that was mostly an "internal" update, with no visible end-user changes. There's been talk for some time now that changes to the behavior of Auto-ISO were set to drop but we have yet to see that materialize. There are now some fresh rumblings of a firmware update coming, promising more "feature requests." The timing could be interesting with a Leica special event looming on April 24th... Perhaps May 24th (how apropos). What else might we expect? Maybe a new EVF... Read more below for updated details!

Leica Releases Firmware v2.0.0.12 for M

Leica has released a mostly "internal" firmware update for the M (Type 240) of v2.0.0.12 (full links below) - however, there's little reason to upgrade if you already have version v2.0.0.11. Read more below for explanation.

Leica Updates S2/S2-P Firmware

Today Leica has released a new firmware update for the Leica S2/S2-P (vLLF016). Users who wish to update their camera can download the new firmware from the Owner's Area.

Firmware version LLF016 improves the performance of the Leica Vario-Elmar-S 30-90mm f/3.5-5.6 ASPH lens.

Leica Releases Firmware v2.0.0.11 for M

Leica has today released firmware v2.0.0.11 for the Leica M (Type 240). This firmware update includes a huge list of improvements and bug fixes over the previous v1.1.0.2 released back on March 1, 2013. Unfortunately, there is no support for the VF-4 EVF in this release. Read more below for the complete list of download links and details.