Content having to do with good old-fashioned analog film.

Kodak Discontinues BW400CN Film

Kodak has discontinued BW400CN film effective August 14, 2014. Billed as "The world's finest-grained chromogenic film" it used the C-41 processing for black and white photography. If you're a fan, you can still find some BW400CN film at B&H, Adorama and Amazon. Read more below for details - and an update from Ilford!


Developing Color Film with the C41 Process

In this YouTube video, Photography_Bloke takes a look at developing color film using the C-41 developing process - color film is actually fairly straightforward to develop, but it does involve a few additional steps and is more critical in regards to time and temperature than the traditional black and white process. You can buy black and white film designed for the C-41 process, and this video applies equally to this type of film.

HCB: The Decisive Moment Back in Print

Until now, if you wanted to get your hands on a copy of this sixty two year old book, you had to search through online marketplaces for a used copy - and chances were, if you found one, it would cost you $500 or more. While some of that "original printing" magic might be gone with a new copy, saving $400 may well be worth it. Recreated from the original book by publisher Steidl, they have taken every detail into account to create an exact copy. The only change over the original is an additional booklet with the history of The Decisive Moment by Clément Chéroux. It's 10x14" and 160 pages. Pre-order your copy of Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Decisive Moment ($92.98 USD w/free shipping) now! You will receive your book sometime after October 31st, 2014 when they start to ship. Read more below for details.

A German Rebel in South Africa

The New York Times Lens Blog has a story about Jürgen Schadeberg (a Leica shooter) and some of his documentary work in South Africa in a piece called "A German Rebel in South Africa." Starting with coverage of the anti-apartheid movement in the 1950s, to returning in 1985 to live with his wife, Claudia, and began making documentary films about apartheid, Drum, South African jazz and the history of Robben Island. After Nelson Mandela was freed in 1990, he and his wife were invited to his house for a New Year’s Eve party. Mr. Schadeberg continued to publish photography books on social justice, and he filmed the first free elections in 1994 for a documentary he and his wife made.

Introduction to Light Meters Article

In keeping with the spirit of Lucky Film Friday we've added a new article today, Introduction to Light Meters!

Guest writer Ray Larose gives us a great introduction to light meters, from a smartphone app to analog and digital handheld models - giving pros and cons to each and things to consider!

Lucky Film Friday!

We haven't had a good film post in a while, so why not have a Film Friday! If you haven't seen our articles yet, give them a look - Using Filters in B&W Photography, Choosing a B&W Film Developer and Quick Guide to Developing Film at Home. Great introductions to the process. If you're an Ilford shooter, check out their excellent Processing Your First Black & White Film (PDF) publication. Last but not least, La Vida Leica reader and Exposure photographer Ray Larose has written up a great article on Buying Vintage Leica Film Cameras that's been really popular the last week. Happy Film Friday - and GOOD LUCK today! Read more below!


Andrew Spencer - The Leica Story

Andrew Spencer shared with us a really neat story about a good friend and his dad - and an amazing collection of cameras... Including a very nice Leica M2 with 35mm, 50mm and 90mm lenses that he was given access to. Read more about this story in his blog post, "1928 - The Leica Story" and be sure to check out the pictures as well. Sorry to hear of your friend's dad passing Andrew, and thanks for sharing this with us!