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Digital Ms Not Alone in Light Leaks

Those of us that shoot a digital Leica M with heavy neutral density filters (typically for landscape shots) with long exposures are keenly - and unfortunately - aware that there's a propensity for light to seep in around the lens mount. This has been a long-standing issue and is even worse when using certain older Zeiss ZM lenses, which have a screw hole located in just the right (wrong?) place. The unofficial fix is to use a hair scrunchy around the base of the lens... For the Zeiss ZMs, a dab of black silicone in the screw hole. Well, Leica is now in good company... Apparently the newest cameras from Sony (A7/A7R) and Fujifilm (X-T1) also have this issue! Here's the fix for Fuji. C'est la vie.

Erwin Puts - New Leica Practicum Book

Erwin Puts is working on a new 500 page book called Leica Practicum that will be printed in March and start shipping in April. Pricing will be about €65 ($89 USD, includes shipping). His books are usually limited edition runs, and are thus hard to find. So if you're interested, keep an eye out (we'll keep you updated!). Read more below for details.

Camera Magica - Kaufmann and Leica

Over on Manager Magazine Online is an article called "Camera Magica" (in German - see below for English). It starts off by talking about the M Monochrom, how it took one and a half years of development and devouring "tens of millions of Euros" to bring to fruition. Hoping to sell 3,500 units - turns out, it was triple that. It goes on to talk about the near-bankruptcy of Leica Camera AG, the Blackstone investment, the new factory in Portugal as well as the new Leitz Park in Wetzlar (which cost €65M, financed by Kaufmann - Leica is a tenant!). Apparently the dream is to have 300 stores worldwide (with 150 currently). Plus mention of a new series of cameras and Internet services... A lengthy, interesting read. Read more below for translation.

Leica Image Shuttle App v2.2 Released

Quick news item - Leica has released an update to their Image Shuttle app supporting the Leica M (Type 240) at v2.2. It is available for download in the Leica Owners' Area of the site.

TA Associates to Acquire CMOSIS

As you may be aware, a company based in Antwerp, Belgium by the name of CMOSIS makes the sensor in the Leica M (Type 240) camera, which early on promised to be a game changer. TA Associates (a global growth private equity firm) has agreed to acquire CMOSIS. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed. CMOSIS employs over 60 people. What's perhaps telling is that Leica (or ACM) didn't acquire them - perhaps if they were German - but we've (in other words, you saw it here first) heard some rumblings lately that Leica is working on a 36-40MP camera, perhaps with their old friends TrueSense... Read more below for full details.

HOW-TO on Digital M User Profiles

Quite some time ago, back when the site first started - we did a series of posts called "Tip of the Week" (ToW). One of them was called, Digital B&W Shooting and touched upon using what are called user profiles. They're not discussed much, even in the Leica camera manuals and perhaps even misunderstood. We decided to finally expand upon that original post and fix this shortcoming with an all-new article, Utlilizing Digital M User Profiles. It explains in detail the how, why and what of user profiles!