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Anti-Aliasing Filter Primer

Added today is the Anti-Aliasing Filter Primer article.

When designing the digital M cameras, Leica made two very important decisions regarding the sensor in an effort to maximize the sharpness of the image. Borrowing a page from more pro-level, medium format digital backs and eliminating the anti-aliasing filter being one of them. This article looks at how the lack of an anti-aliasing filter affects images from the digital M cameras.

Misha Friedman’s Photos of Tuberculosis

There's an interesting article on the New York Times Lens Blog called Misha Friedman’s photographs of tuberculosis. Shot with a Leica M8, his photos "are dark, black-and-white glimpses of passing lives. In many of the frames — shot in Uzbekistan, Ukraine and Russia — there is a wandering, ghostly presence."

Recent Leica Related Articles

There have been a number of articles written recently (outside of the usual circle of sites) showing that Leica (and film) is alive and well out there, as these photographer's stories can attest. One photographer by the name of Syd Greenberg had a standing bet with anyone that if he was found to be without his Leica camera, he would pay them $5. Below are some links to articles worth checking out, as they're all interesting if not good reads...

Process Negatives with Your Brain

Okay, here's one that'll really blow your mind. Read the full blog post for the best effect (and a larger image). Stare at the RGB dots on the girl's nose for about 30 seconds or so, then quickly look at something all-white (like an empty browser window on another tab) and blink rapidly...

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Tip of the Week (#015) - Grasp & Support

Holding a Leica is no different from other cameras - you're taught to support the bottom of the camera with your left hand, cradling the lens (which is preferred) but in the picture above you see an alternative method which allows rapid portrait or landscape orientations. You also want to brace yourself as much as possible; arms tucked in, knees relaxed with feet spread a bit. If you have to, don't be afraid to use anything and everything around you for additional support; lean against a wall, etc. You can also lay your camera atop a bag or jacket and use the self timer to your advantage, even without a tripod or cable release.

Leica Announces V-Lux 3

Leica has announced the V-Lux 3, a 24x superzoom with 12.1MP CMOS sensor. The camera has a 4.5-108mm f/2.8-5.2 image stabilized lens, equivalent to 25-600mm in 35mm film terms. The camera is also capable of 1080p60 video capture with stereo sound and 12fps shooting at full resolution. It will be available from January 2012. Here's the press release: