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100th Anniversary M Sets and More!

Continuing from yesterday's Leitz Park Opening Festival, Leica's been busy today as well... Something we've been hearing about for a while - has come to fruition! Many announcements, including the Leica M Edition 100 set as well as a silver M Monochrom option, a "new" Leica M-A analog film camera, a new lens (the Summilux-M 28mm f/1.4 ASPH), the new Valbray EL1 Chrono watch and more! Read more below for all the details!

Leica T Firmware Update v1.1

Leica today has released firmware v1.1 for the Leica T. The improvement(s) are somewhat cryptic. Read more below.

The firmware Version 1.1 fulfils 100% the scope of functions and performance of the camera as described in the manual.

STMicro Claims 100s of Megapixels Soon

PhotographyBay alerts us that STMicro (maker of the Leica M sensor) is promising big things in "Megapixel War 2.0: Leica M Sensor Maker Says Sensors with 100′s of Megapixels Coming Soon." Color us skeptical, but we do know that a high-MP revision to the Leica M (36-40MP) is possible at Photokina in September - if not, certainly a Leica S in the 40-50MP range - featuring a CMOS sensor.


The Fascination with Full Frame Article

We've been so busy lately that one of our strongest suits, unique content - has lagged a little. So without further ado, we'd like to share our latest article - "The Fascination with Full Frame."

This article delves into the mystique of the full frame sensor and why many photographers see it as the be all, end all of digital photography. Comparisons are made against APS-C and APS-H sensors and their effect.

End of the Line for the M8?

Back in August of 2012 we mentioned the Storm Brewing Over M8 LCD Issue should you damage it, or it develops the "coffee stain" problem. At that time already, Leica ran out of replacement rear LCDs. Now it seems that they've also run out of sensors according to some unconfirmed reports. Not entirely surprising, as the camera was discontinued in 2009 - almost five years ago now... Which is about the standard timeframe one can expect most manufacturers to carry replacement parts for a discontinued product. Perhaps we're spoiled because of the film cameras. Read more below for additional details and update!

Digital Ms Not Alone in Light Leaks

Those of us that shoot a digital Leica M with heavy neutral density filters (typically for landscape shots) with long exposures are keenly - and unfortunately - aware that there's a propensity for light to seep in around the lens mount. This has been a long-standing issue and is even worse when using certain older Zeiss ZM lenses, which have a screw hole located in just the right (wrong?) place. The unofficial fix is to use a hair scrunchy around the base of the lens... For the Zeiss ZMs, a dab of black silicone in the screw hole. Well, Leica is now in good company... Apparently the newest cameras from Sony (A7/A7R) and Fujifilm (X-T1) also have this issue! Here's the fix for Fuji. C'est la vie.