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Leica "Unsurpassable" in Portugal

The Portuguese consumer union Proteste states that "Leica is unsurpassable in the art of shooting" in a published poll of 22,000 consumers, in their monthly magazine (#355/March 2014). In the results, Leica leads in both general satisfaction at 83% and reliability at 99% which are ahead of Panasonic in second place with 79% and 97%, respectively and Canon in third at 79% and 96%. Interestingly, 10% of respondents had problems with the battery. Also interesting is that Sony, Fujifilm and Samsung ranked lowest (though admittedly not that much lower, relatively).

Engadget Guides to Street Photography

Street photography is the purest, most spontaneous way to create art with a camera. No studios, no props, no poses; all you need is the right equipment and a street with people on it... In an original series of "Guides to Street Photography" over on Engadget they've released their latest article and the last of the trilogy, called Gavin Harrison's smartphone art - the previous releases include Matt Stuart, manners and human autofocus and Antonio Olmos and the dark art of manual exposure. Worth checking out.

HOW-TO on Digital M User Profiles

Quite some time ago, back when the site first started - we did a series of posts called "Tip of the Week" (ToW). One of them was called, Digital B&W Shooting and touched upon using what are called user profiles. They're not discussed much, even in the Leica camera manuals and perhaps even misunderstood. We decided to finally expand upon that original post and fix this shortcoming with an all-new article, Utlilizing Digital M User Profiles. It explains in detail the how, why and what of user profiles!

Paying More for the Leica Name

In the article "Paying More for the Leica Name" the New York Times once again brings up the notion of Leica as a luxury brand, status symbol and a product with a premium price (sound familiar?). All they're missing is a celebrity connection. This time, the focus of their ire is the new Leica C (Type 112) and how it compares to the similar Panasonic LF1 upon which it's based. To be fair, they mention the fact that the camera comes with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 (which retails for $140 USD) and brings the difference in price between it and the Panasonic LF1 down from $200 to about $60. The Leica C also comes with a two year warranty and custom firmware. The Leica C is available in Light-gold and Dark-red now. Read more below for video.

Exclusive Interview with Birgit Krippner

Today we have an exclusive for you! In conjunction with Walter Pretorius (of Walter Leica fame and who's behind the awesome Walter Eyepiece), we interviewed Birgit Krippner. Her images have been exhibited and sold in galleries around the world, and have been featured in print and on TV. So without further ado, our interview...

Exclusive Interview with Nikki Sixx

Today we have an exclusive for you! In conjunction with Walter Pretorius (of Walter Leica fame and who's behind the awesome Walter Eyepiece - see our promotion), we interviewed Nikki Sixx - a really great, down to Earth guy. Among his credits - he's an American musician, songwriter, author, fashion designer, and radio host, but perhaps best known as the co-founder and bassist of the band Mötley Crüe. Turns out, he's also an avid photographer and Leica shooter. So without further ado, our interview...

The Balkan Diaries Photo Project

An interesting story called "The Balkan Diaries: A Schwabacher on a Photo Trip" (in German) is about Thomas Bönighausen who hails from Schwabach, Germany - and his upcoming road trip to Bosnia-Herzegovina which starts tomorrow, September 6th and runs through September 22nd, 2013. While Croatia has once again become a popular tourist destination, Bosnia-Herzegovina has been mostly forgotten since the 1991-1995 war. He plans to take his Leica and document his travels. You can follow him at the Thomas Does Project on Facebook. The proceeds from advertising, raffles, supporters and sponsors will go to the Children's Home "Centar Duga" in Kulen Vakuf in Bihac, where over 230 "forgotten children" of the war in the Balkans were cared for since 1998. We wish him good luck and safe travels! Read more below for translation...