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New Walter Leica Roll Bar

Exclusive news from La Vida Leica! Walter Pretorius - the man behind the Walter Eyepiece, Walter M-Stedi, Walter M-Sleeve and Walter Nut Cracker has today unleashed his newest creation, the Walter Leica Roll Bar. Read more below for additional info and images!

Valbray to Introduce Leica Timepiece reports that for the 100 year anniversary of Leica Camera, the Swiss manufacturer Valbray will unveil a new limited edition chronograph watch. The official announcement will be at Baselworld next week. The watch will start shipping in May during the opening of the new Leica headquarters (Leitz Park) in Wetzlar, Germany. Some of their models show what may be in store for us! The new watch will be available for sale in Leica stores worldwide. Read more below for details and images!

ONA to Announce The Berlin - Reviewed

A La Vida Leica exclusive! Today ONA is announcing their newest bag... Designed in collaboration with - and celebrating 100 years of Leica photography, "The Berlin!" This limited edition bag was designed specifically for the M-System and the Leica-inspired design cues are subtle, but clear when you notice them. This is a beautiful, upscale bag that compromises nothing in form or function.

We were given access to a bag from the first batch and pleased to present our review of ONA's "The Berlin" bag to coincide with the announcement!

Leica SCA Adapter Set Shipping

Word is out that the Leica SCA Adapter Set for Multifunctional Handgrip M is shipping, and runs $385 and $895 USD, respectively. Combined with the Leica M for $6,950 USD and SF 58 flash unit for $629 USD... You're talking about $8,859 USD - and you still need a lens! This is not your father's strobist setup... Read more below for additional images.

ClassicCases Announces New M Cases

ClassicCases is a UK camera accessories manufacturer specialized in crafting high-quality leather cases and straps for Leica cameras. All cases are individually handmade from the highest quality English leather, which will protect your camera when on the go. Recently the website announced the development of a new series of cases designed to fit the Leica M (Type 240) both with and without the ever-popular Thumbs Up attached. In addition, the new cases come in two flavors: a regular-style half-case and one with screen protector that will cover your camera's LCD display. The new leather cases are available immediately in black, brown and rich brown with red, green or blue interior, with the same price tag as the standard M240 cases (£175 / €214 / $293).

FLM CB-38FTR QRP-40 Ball Head & QR

Added today is the FLM CB-38FTR QRP-40 Ball Head & QR review!

Mid-sized, fairly light yet full-featured and robust - this ball head and quick release make a great high-end option for Leica M, S and compact cameras.

Leica R-Adapter M Starts Shipping

The Leica R-Adapter M (14642) is now shipping - at least in Germany, so far. Expect it to arrive in the US within a week or two. It's only five months late... The similar Novoflex LEM/LER adapter (which recently got 6-bit coded) has been available for a while.