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Harry Benz La Cravate Review

Added today is the Harry Benz La Cravate review!

These water buffalo leather camera wrist straps will change the way you feel about using one. Simple, elegant and functional!

New Walter Leica Soft Release

Exclusive news from La Vida Leica! Walter Pretorius - the man behind the Walter Eyepiece, Walter M-Stedi and Walter M-Sleeve has today unleashed his newest creation, the Walter Soft Release! This is a unique one of a kind soft release, sculpted and engraved by hand into solid brass in honor of Dr. Ernst Leitz, the founder of Leica. Each item forms part of a limited edition, with a specific serial number and signed by the artist, Walter, himself. Soft releases are only made on order and are $240 USD. This is a must for the serious Leica Collector.


Wotancraft Raven Review

Added today is the Wotancraft Atelier Raven (Urban Classic) review!

The Raven is the smallest of the Urban Classic line and perfect for those wanted to travel light! Able to hold a camera and two lenses, this lovely bag is made of fine leather that will look great anywhere.

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Wotancraft Commander Review

Added today is the Wotancraft Atellier Commander (City Explorer) Review!

The Commander is the largest bag in the City Explorer line - larger than the Scout, Avenger and even the Ranger bags. While it's primarily targeted at DSLR shooters, thanks to its highly configurable nature - it can work for rangefinder, mirrorless and multi-platform shooters.

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FlashQ Wireless Flash Trigger System Review

Added today is the FlashQ Wireless Flash Trigger System review!

These diminutive, wireless radio flash triggers are perfect for rangefinder, mirrorless and other small cameras and flashes.

J.B. Camera Designs Bamboo Grip for Leica M

Check out the J.B. Camera Designs Pro Bamboo Grip for Leica M240 over on Amazon. It sells for $100 typically, but you can pre-order it for $84.95. It will be released on January 7, 2015. They also make a variety of grips for other cameras, including Leica, Olympus, Sony and especially Fujifilm. Read more below for details and photos!


FotodioX Leica M Replica Crystal Camera

Need a last minute stocking stuffer this holiday? There's still time! Check out this FotodioX Leica M Replica Crystal Camera! You can pick one up at Amazon or B&H for about $80.

Made from handcrafted K9 crystal, the 2/3 scale Leica M Replica Crystal Camera from Fotodiox can serve as an elegant paperweight or bookend. Various parts of the model such as the lens, viewfinder, rear screen, grip, and some of the small knobs are made from separate pieces of crystal and attached to the body. Residing in its cushioned display box, the crystal Leica M with a lens arrives ready to assume its rightful place in any photo enthusiast's collection.