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Dodge and Burn Leica T-Shirt

The New York based Dodge & Burn offers a nice Leica themed (M3 and DR Summicron to be exact) T-shirt. Called the Street Shooter it is available for $29 USD.

Need Some Camera Bling?

For the camera fashion (or status) conscious, Japanese designer Jay Tsujimura has just what you've been missing - camera bling.

The accessories are available in silver, gold or platinum and are handcrafted. You can choose between two designs: Floral or Lizard. The Floral pieces feature flowery patterns, while the Lizard ones resemble the typically scaly skin of reptiles (much like the lizard skin leatherette kits). If you've really got money to burn, you can have diamonds mounted as well.

They fit the standard hotshoe mounts and shutter release threads of most cameras - not just Leica.

Street Strap

Added today is the Street Strap review!

If you're looking for a simple, high quality, low key camera strap - the new-to-market Street Strap may just be the answer!

Heliopan Announces Vario ND Filter

Heliopan has announced the new Vario ND filter, a variable neutral-density filter. This is great news as some of the other options available currently are just not usable. Unfortunately, at least for now - the available sizes of the new filter run from 52-82mm. List price ranges from €140-220,- (incl. 19% MwSt.). However, there are still some lenses that can use it, such as the Cosina/Voigtländer 35mm f/1.2 (52mm) and 50mm f/1.1 (58mm) Noktons and of course, the Leica Noctiluxes (with step-up rings). Here's the press release:

Finally, a Faster CF/SD Card Reader!

As we all know... We've reached the speed limits of USB-based card readers some time ago. FireWire was a good option if you happened to shoot CF cards, but that doesn't help us M shooters much. So if you're graced with a USB 3.0 port...