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Leica M9 to M9-P Upgrade Program Is Now Official

The Leica M9 to M9-P upgrade program is now official. Two options will be available: the “Sapphire Glass” upgrade package for $1,295 and the “Top Cover and Sapphire Glass” upgrade package for $1,995. Both packages come with a one-year warranty extension. Here is the US press release with all of the details...

Leica Explains M9 and M9-P Delays

In an article on TechRadar, Leica UK's Richard Swan spoke of the delays the company had been experiencing, suggesting an average/maximum three month wait for most customers. He went on to say that Leica is in no rush to speed up the process, allowing factories to take as long as they needed. "We won't rush to get them out, just to meet demand – that's not the Leica way - and the Japanese have bigger issues to tackle at the moment."

Using Filters in B&W Photography

Added today is the Using Filters in B&W Photography article.

If you shoot with black and white film, the use of colored or other filters can change the whole feel of the image, even dramatically - or enhance certain aspects, giving you greater control.

Tip of the Week (#004) - Close Focus

Close focus. What if you need to get a shot of something close-up and your lens only focuses down to 1m? The answer is rather simple. Stop down and move in! Set your lens to minimum focusing distance and stop down as much as the light allows. Move in accordingly by looking at the depth of field scale as a guideline. This is much easier with digital and/or wide angle lenses (which have more inherent depth of field).


Tip of the Week (#003) - Filter Sizes

Filters. How to buy filters if you have lenses with varying filter thread sizes? One approach is to buy the biggest size and any step-rings necessary to adapt them to your smaller sized filter threads. The downside is that fitting a lens hood may become difficult, if not impossible. And if your sizes cover quite a range, perhaps impractical. Another approach is to just buy filters for the largest of your most commonly used lenses and go from there. For most Leica lenses, 46mm is a great size to settle on.

Tip of the Week (#002) - Exposure Compensation

Exposure compensation. Not everyone's cup of tea, but handy for situations like shooting in the snow or at the beach. It's available on the M7 via the rear dial, in the SET menu of the M8 and configurable for both/either on the M9. But what about older bodies? Easy! Change the film ISO. Remember, each doubling or halving of the ISO (e.g. 200 vs. 100) results in a one-stop adjustment (just like full apertures or shutter speeds). Of course, this only applies to metered bodies - and a limited few at that (mainly the M6, M6 TTL, M5)... Also works on light meters. Don't forget to change it back!